How I got here (part 1)

how i got here pt1

Lets start at the beginning, the time when I knew I wanted to be a doctor. It was around 12/13 years old and I was talking with my English teacher about what I wanted to study at GCSE (UK exams you sit at age 16). I then realised the only subjects I was good at were the compulsory ones (English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Couple this with the fact that I have always loved helping people, including helping at a playgroup in my spare time, I became sure that I wanted to be a doctor.

Now came the hard part. I started researching how to get into medical school (I know over enthusiastic), and discovered I needed work experience in a health setting. So when it came to the time to plan my work experience week with school I knew what I wanted, a GP or hospital placement. Only one problem I was too young to get a placement at only 15 years old, so I went to the next best option a company that produces medical supplies.

Then came my last year or secondary school, the year when I sit my GCSE’s. I had my mock exams in the December of that year and those gave me the grades I needed except one exam, English. I needed an A in English for any university to consider looking at me and I got a D. My aptitude test they gave me at age 11 said I could  get an A, I was in trouble.  I had 6 months of solid studying to do and after school lessons with my teacher to help me get the grade I needed and everyone else knew I could.

The 25th August 2011, Results Day. I opened my envelope and on the slip of paper it said I had an A in English. I had gotten into college, two more years of studying now awaited me to help realise my dream.


A bit about me

In 25 days I’m about to start the biggest adventure of my life, leaving home. At 18 years old this is nothing new, everyone does it but it still scare me. No parents to rely on for everything, all that studying and having to make new friends. Where I am will not be know, but this will be a similar experience of many medical students starting this year. I would love it if you could join me on this 5 year journey.